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Writer's Block: God For a Day

If you could be God for a day, what three things would be at the top of your to-do list?
God for a day eh? Sadly my answers would probablyy change drastically depending on which day this occured to me. Thus it is a good thing I'm not god. Guess I'll give a good day(rational day) example and a bad day(emotional day) example.

Good Day
1. I would eliminate any government or special interest group that allowed people to not be personally responsible for themselves. At the same time removing the human urge to help people who are not helping themselves to prevent the formation of such groups occuring again.
2. I would clean up the environment and restock all the natural resources. Hopefully with mankinds current knowledge and their new found self reliance(see one) it will take them alittle longer to completely ravish and poison the earth.
3. I would stop the childish game setup by my predecessor where I prentend that though I am omniscient and thus know everything you are going to do in your life I am in no way responsible for humans dying and burning in hell for eternity. This would likely require the elimination of Hell.

Bad Day
1. I would selectively eliminate 60% of the population.
2. I would eliminate electricity
3. I would set myself up as Emperor of Mankind.


Thanks again for the feedback! =] im glad i was able to improve. Oh, and I read your blog. That's a really interesting question!

November 2009

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